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If you're facing an immigration matter, it's likely you've done some research on how to remedy it. Too many times, individuals faced with this process believe that all then need is to "fill out some paperwork" and wait with the administrative wheels of the USCIS to turn in their favor. Unfortunately, these are the same individuals who are most likely to face an unwanted surprise when their petition is rejected, their status is thrown into question, and deportation suddenly becomes a real concern.

At DiSisto Law, P.C., we understand that immigration law matters often seem like a matter of filling out the right paperwork, but have time and time again assisted individuals, businesses, and families who find themselves in urgent need of counsel when their paperwork has been rejected. Our Wakefield immigration law attorney has more than a decade of experience in this practice area and is well-versed in assisting clients navigate their immigration matter, no matter how urgent it might be.

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Why You Need Immigration Law Representation

There are a number of reasons why professional legal counsel is highly recommended when dealing with an immigration law matter. Even the simplest procedures and petitions can become protracted and complex if care is not initially taken by all relevant parties.

Immigration law counsel is always highly recommended because:

  • The process is slow: even basic petitions can take weeks or months to be seen by USCIS officials. If it is rejected, you may have little time to correct your petition before your status is in jeopardy.
  • The laws are strict: since 9-11, immigration laws have been closely tied to national security, which means that the slightest misstep in your petition can mean it could end up like more than half of all petitions and be rejected.
  • The laws are always changing: just because you did some online research does not mean you are privy to the latest updates to federal immigration law. A knowledgeable attorney could help you navigate this landscape and ensure that your interests are protected.
  • It's not just paperwork: a capable and engaged attorney isn't just filling out paperwork on your behalf. They should be listening to your concerns, making sure you understand your rights, providing you secure, long-term solutions, and will personally appear with you for your interviews and hearings.

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