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If you or a loved one are found to be inadmissible, there is still hope for gaining legal status and avoiding the three and ten year bar from reentering the United States. Under certain circumstances, a waiver of inadmissibility can be obtained, helping families stay together and immigrants get the ball rolling toward permanent residency.

Our Wakefield immigration Attorney at DiSisto Law, P.C. can review your case and explain your options when it comes to approving of a waiver of inadmissibility. Contact our firm online today or call us at 781.819.0700.

Learn How to Obtain a I-601 Waiver

For those without a waiver, leaving the United States results in being barred from returning. The amount of time of the ban can be either three or ten years depending on the time the person was in the United States unlawfully.

Obtaining a waiver can hinge on a number of circumstances. It can be a complex process and unforeseen complications can make it overwhelming for all involved. One vital part of the process of gaining approval for a waiver of inadmissibility is to prove extreme hardship will be suffered to a qualifying U.S. relative if the waiver is denied. Proving hardship can be a difficult task for families.

Proving extreme hardship may require various types of documentation, such as:

  • Testimonials
  • Financial statements
  • Letters from community members
  • Other evidence or interviews

Our Wakefield immigration attorney knows how to overcome the challenges of your case and prepare your family for the process. With Attorney DiSisto on your side, you can be sure the best possible outcome will be obtained and your best interests will be honored.

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