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The United States has always attracted a skilled and talented workforce from all over the world, which is why the law provides employers with several limited ways to bring foreign workers into the U.S. on a temporary or permanent basis.

While there may be some challenges for some to live and work in the United States, many find the path to employment-based immigration to be smooth and rewarding. That path is made even smoother with the guidance of a skilled and compassionate Wakefield immigration lawyer.

Attorney Giuseppina A. DiSisto has the experience and resources to assist with your employment-based immigration needs. Contact DiSisto Law, P.C. online today to learn more.

Employment-Based Work Visas

Work visas and the possibility of permanent residence helps businesses attract the most talented professionals from around the world. These professionals can then fulfill life-long personal and professional goals. However, not all professions are treated equally.

When it comes to obtaining employment-based visas, there are preference categories. This includes:

  • The first category: Those with extraordinary ability or talent. This pertains to knowledge and skill in education, science, art, athletics, and research. Professors and business professionals often fall into this category
  • The second category: For those with advanced degrees. Typically includes medical personnel
  • The third category: Skilled professionals not included in category one or two
  • The fourth category: Religious workers
  • The fifth category: Investors and entrepreneurs
  • Temporary work visas for other professions not listed above

It may be difficult to know what category you fall under or which type of employment-based visa to pursue. The laws pertaining to employment-based immigration also often evolve, which makes retaining the services of a skilled Wakefield immigration lawyer more important.

Labor Certification - Green Cards through Employment

Labor certification for employment in the United States is one way companies and employers can keep valuable and talented workers to enhance their workforce in the U.S. An employer can seek labor certification to hire qualified foreign national employees through the labor certification process, which is the first of three steps when applying for a green card through employment.

There are very strict sets of circumstances and criteria that need to be met for a U.S. employer to successfully petition for labor certification for a foreign worker. This includes:

  • The employer must describe the duties and qualifications for the job and obtain a Prevailing Wage Determination. There must be adequate advertising for the job and the job must be made available to workers in the United States.
  • The sponsoring employer must be able to certify that there were not any qualified U.S. workers who were able, willing, or qualified to take the job in that area and for that wage. The petition is filed through program electronic review management (PERM), then a decision is made by the Department of Labor.

Because the regulations, timelines, and process in general can evolve over time, it is best to seek advice and guidance from knowledgeable and up-to-date immigration law attorney in Massachusetts. A local immigration lawyer can guide employers through the process and ensure each step is taken in accordance with the current laws and regulations.

L1-A Visas

These types of immigration visas apply to managerial and executive positions in international companies. With an L1-A visa, a professional can be transferred from the foreign branch of their company into a position with a U.S. affiliate for us to seven years.

The employer must go through the process of filing for an L1-A visa on behalf of their manager or executive. This process can be complicated, and immigration laws change all the time. This is why it is important if you are an employer to seek the professional advice of a skilled Wakefield immigration attorney.

Disisto Law, P.C. Can Help You Obtain Your Visa

Attorney DiSisto has been providing creative business immigration solutions to employers, corporations, hospitals, non-profits, and the like for over 13 years. She works tirelessly to ensure professionals obtain the type of visa they need and that they understand the process.

In order to ensure a smooth path and successful immigration experience, it is necessary to have a knowledgeable and trusted immigration team involved in the process. If you are a business interested in attracting top talent or a skilled professional wishing to expand and share those talents, let our Wakefield immigration lawyer assist with your employment-based immigration needs.

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