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At DiSisto Law, P.C., our Wakefield immigration law firm specifically focuses on handling complex immigration and nationality law matters. We are able to provide our clients with cutting-edge legal advocacy because we only handle immigration matters. Our firm stays abreast of all recent updates to the law and we use our in-depth knowledge of the immigration process and its requirements to the advantage of our clients.

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It is our ultimate goal to help our clients reach cost-effective resolutions to their immigration issues. No matter your dreams, no matter your goals, and no matter the complexities involved with your specific matter, we look forward to helping you obtain a favorable outcome and achieve your own version of the American Dream.

You do not have to face the upcoming legal process on your own! Call our firm at (781) 819-0700 and we will provide you with a complete assessment of your case and determine the best plan of action.

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Immigration law can involve complicated issues – and with the laws constantly changing, it can be incredibly difficult to be aware of your options. Each case may involve a complex web of unique circumstances and the potential for complications will require the attention of a legal professional who possesses an up-to-date knowledge of the law and the constantly changing policies.

Our lead attorney comes from a family of Italian immigrants and not only possesses a keen insight on the law, but also has a deep sense of compassion for those who are dealing with immigration matters. Attorney Giuseppina A. DiSisto is your trusted source for legal guidance and representation for all of your immigration law needs.

Types of Visas

There are numerous types of visas, waivers, and programs and all of these will typically require professional attention and specialized forms. Each type of visa may have exceptions or disqualifying factors, which means that depending on the circumstances, someone may not be able to obtain certain types of visas or extend his or her stay in the U.S.

We can assist with the following:

Once someone does have the visa or proper forms approved to be in the U.S., complications can still arise. The process of changing a status or applying for permanent residency can be complicated and time-consuming. Declaring asylum or other unique situations can take time and knowledge of the law. Knowing what to expect and what steps can be taken to overcome any immigration obstacles is crucial to success.

Deportation and Removal Issues

Deportation and removal issues can also further complicate an immigration matter. If you or someone you know is currently facing potential removal proceedings, you will need to speak with a skilled legal professional. Our firm is dedicated to finding a legal solution that can help ensure your rights are upheld in court.

Our Wakefield immigration lawyer understands the unique challenges, fears, and circumstances that affect immigrants and their families. We take on the most difficult cases with a dedication for helping others navigate this overwhelming area of law.

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No immigration law issue should be handled without the assistance of a compassionate immigration attorney. If you have questions regarding your rights and options, we would be happy to review your case in full and provide insight on how to best resolve your current legal matter. We stand by your side as your case moves forward and can handle any obstacles that may arise.

We can be trusted to guide, support, and protect your rights as you face any immigration matter. Contact us at (781) 819-0700 and speak with us confidentially.