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  • Sponsoring a parent for a green card (Permanent Residency)

    If you would like to sponsor your parent(s) for a green card (permanent residency) you must be: a U.S. citizen (by birth or naturalization); and at least 21 years old, Parents are considered immediate relatives, rather than a preference category (that must follow the dates as listed on a visa bulletin, which in most cases, increases the wait time a person has before being eligible to file for the ...
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  • Connect with Attorney Pina Disisto Today!

    Attorney Giuseppina (Pina) DiSisto maintains a presence across a number of online platforms, in order to stay connected with current and prospective clients and remain current on immigration news. Follow Attorney Pina Disisto on any of the social media sites below! Connect With Attorney Disisto: AboutMe BlogSpot Facebook FavStar Google+ LinkedIn Look Up Page Muck Rack Pinterest Storify ...
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  • How to Apply for H1B Visas

    So you would like to have a chance to work and live in the United States. Did you know that you can get this opportunity through an H1B visa? Here are some useful pointers about how to obtain this visa. What is an H1B Visa? This is a special visa granted to foreign job applicants to enable them to fulfil professional or specialty occupations in the United States. The visa, which is filed by the US ...
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  • Labor Certification - Green Card through Employment

    Labor certification for employment in the United States is one way companies and employers here can keep valuable and talented workers from overseas to enhance their workforce in the U.S. An employer can seek labor certification to hire qualified foreign national employees through the labor certification process (or green card through employment). The labor certification is the first of three ...
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  • Obtaining a Green Card Through Marriage - Immigration Law MA

    Getting married is an exciting time in the lives of any couple. That time of wedded bliss can quickly become an overwhelming and complicated time if the couple does not know what to expect or what steps to take regarding obtaining a green card after marrying a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident. The proper lawful steps that need to be taken for each case may vary. Just as every ...
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